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Summer 2011
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Our Mission is to provide superior property and project management services, acting as owner’s representative and serving as a single point of contact to facilitate any maintenance requirement, construction project or special request.

What's Important to You?


There's really no way around home maintenance and repairs. But there are vast differences of opinions on how to get the job done. Often what seems like a simple repair turns out to be something much more complicated once you start sifting through the information and estimates. If you're dealing with an older or historic home, contractors are hesitant to provide an exact cost not knowing what lies hidden underneath the clapboards. Generally, they can only make an educated guess.

Leaky roofs and water damage around windows and doors is a prime example and the main cause of frustration for contractors and homeowners. More often than not, improperly installed flashing always seems to always come up at the root of these problems.

It's amazing to see how often I see flashing that doesn't perform well. Oddly, I see it happen on new homes or new repairs on older homes and it leaves me scratching my head wondering. . . why, despite years of experience and information about how to do flashing the right way, does bad flashing still happen? It seems simple enough, always layer flashing over, never leave a horizontal seam exposed to the forces of wind and water. But simple doesn't mean easy. Flashing has to be done methodically and that takes time and attention to detail. If it isn't done correctly it's a guarantee that water will get in. (Note: water will always find its way in but where it goes and how quickly it dries is what's important.)

So, what is the best way to avoid bad flashing being installed in your home? Education, a really good contractor and oversight to make sure it's being done correctly. Beware of the lowest bid! Chances are the cheapest bid to fix your leaky roof or repair water damage will not correct the problem. As I said, good work takes time and time is money. A patch job is a band-aid that only lasts as long as it holds water, which will not be forever. You'll be throwing money at the problem for as long as it takes to find the source and often it will point to flashing.

Here are a few educational resources about flashing.

Fine Homebuilding

This Old House

That's the way it looks from here. Hope this helps!


What's Happening


We've been working with the owner's of a gorgeous condominium building in Newport constructed in 1836 and converted to condo's in the mid 80's. The building is solid but time and the effects of water, wind and salt have taken a toll on parts of the house. Fortunately the owner's of this wonderful historic property want to repair the ailing systems to perform again, at their optimum, and restore the building to its original beauty.

Our work started with a complete building assessment to shine a bright light on what was really going on “under the eaves and in the crawlspaces”. Then we sat down with the owner's and helped them prioritize the findings. After that we started the process of gathering information and estimates for everything that needed to be addressed. With this information we assisted the association with a plan to systematically tackle each problem as their budget allows.

First on the list of priorities are the four chimneys as they not only reflect a large aesthetic of the buildings' grandeur, but their integrity is of the utmost concern for safety reasons.

We're going with a Thermocrete liner for all the fireplace and furnace flues. Briefly, this sprayed on ceramic liner will fill in all the cracks and voids on the inside adding some structural integrity while not compromising the space inside needed for proper drafting. Visit Thermocrete.com for a full description and video of how it's done.

Stay tuned for updates on construction!

Upcoming Events


Newport, RINewport Flower Show
June 24 - 26, 2011 | Rosecliff

Visit the Newport Flower Show and view the recreation of the “Blue Garden” on the front lawn at Rosecliff originally designed and planted by for Mrs Arthur Curtiss James on Beacon Hill Estate in 1913. The original garden is featured on the cover of Newport in Flower. While at the show enjoy beautiful garden displays, shop the Gardeners' Marketplace and Farmer's Market, and learn from garden and landscape experts who will be on hand to answer your questions and offer their advice.


D'elice d'Elyse

The beginning of Summer heralds the opening of fishing season and fishing folk are making their plans for the coming season of angling and competing for the largest or first of their favorite species. Cape Cod and Rhode Island fishing tournaments abound -- Bluefish, Striped Bass, Cod, Fluke, Tautog -- inshore, shore, deep sea. I am making my own fish plans -- for the best recipe of the season. My favorites are line-caught cod and striped bass. . . and of course, lobster. The following recipes come from many years of family dinner trials and personal favorites. Though there is a strong argument for a simple, broiled preparation of the freshest fish available, the adventurous may be tempted by more intricate recipes. You will be well-rewarded for your efforts.

Living on Earth, a weekly environmental news and information program distributed by Public Radio International, did a feature commentary on the recovery of the striped bass population in the North Atlantic. The host, Steve Curwood, said that in the 1980s fishing lines came up empty for striped bass. The species had been fished to near-extinction, and the fight to bring it back has gone down as one of the greatest environmental success stories.

In the Moore family, this recipe for lobster-stuffed striped bass has gone down, as one of the greatest culinary success stories. Serve cod balls with wasabi tartar sauce and Mojitos for starters before the knockout, easy-to prepare striper.


Elyse Moore Elyse Moore


What's Green


Stocks of wild fish are dwindling through overfishing - and the global influence of aquaculture is such that in 1999, for the first time, salmon farming produced a greater tonnage than the world's wild atlantic salmon catch and has done so in every subsequent year.

Loch Duart is a very different Salmon Company.

The difference begins with our approach to rearing salmon and ends with a product which is consistently judged superior in taste, quality, colour and overall perception, as evidenced by the number of leading international chefs and restaurants which service Loch Duart farmed salmon by name.

'Best practice' is the principle applied to Loch Duart salmon at every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply - a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach which defines a long term role for aquaculture as an essential and viable part of the food supply chain of the future.

Voted best seafood product line:


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