High Performance Homes

The Moore Group’s sustainability associates can help demystify the concept of High Performing Buildings and the Integrated Systems Approach.

Simply, High Performance homes are ones that are beautiful, safe, comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and resource conscious. High Perfoming homes utilize cutting edge technology and best building practices to deliver the best of form and function. The Moore Group offers a few ways to determine how well your home operates as a system and what can be done to improve the overall quality and performance of your living space.

Integrated Systems thinking refers to how each element of the whole house works together, ie; the windows, the heating and cooling system and the insulation. Indoor air quality issues and energy losses are usually connected and can affect your comfort , peace of mind and the value of your property. 

In order to determine how well your homes systems are performing , The Moore group recommends a professional Whole Home Assessment. Formerly known as an Energy Audit. A Whole Home Assessment will evaluate each component of your residence, the heating and cooling, insulation, air and vapor barriers, ventilation, windows etc and determine how well they work as an integrated system. Our team of building science experts will make recommendations as needed to make your home a safe and comfortable refuge while maximizing energy efficiency.

This type of assessment is particularly helpful when buying a new home and planning a renovation.

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)
A HERS analysis is a complete home performance assessment using equipment such as a blower door and thermal imaging camera. A HERS analysis will rate your homes performance on a number scale. This is a must have assessment for achieving Energy Star or LEED compliance. A favorable rating will improve the value and marketability of your home.

LEED Facilitation
The United States Green Building Council has established LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This voluntary program has been established to award buildings that have achieved the highest level of energy efficiency and environmental standards. LEED certification requires a thorough evaluation from the design phase through completion via on site visits and on line information compilation to verify compliance. This program is available for commercial, residential and major renovations with certification levels from Basic to Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Moore Group is your LEED facilitation resource.

Let us help you lower your carbon footprint, create a healthy home and protect our resources
for the enjoyment of future generations.

Provincetown Art Association and Museum
The renovation and expansion of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM), originally acquired in 1918, sought to shape an architectural identity for the institution and to improve the museum's ability to store and display art.

Trends in GREEN...

This month we take a look at two super efficient technologies that have come a long way and are gaining popularity; ductless mini split heating and cooling systems and on-demand or tankless hot water heaters.

The efficiency of these technological marvels are attributed to the nearly zero delivery and stand by losses that exist in conventional heating/cooling and domestic hot water systems.

Ductless Mini & Multi Splits
Your boiler, furnace or central A/C manufacturer may claim an 85% - 90% efficiency rating but does that take into account the loss of heat and cool air through your duct system? What if your ducts are delivering your cool air thru a hot attic space?

Tankless & On Demand Hot Water Heaters
A typical 40 - 80 gallon hot water heater has considerable standby heat losses that don’t exist in a tankless system. But will a tankless system be able to keep up with the hot water demands of a busy summer household? What about linking two or more units together?

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