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About Us
Bob Moore, Cape Cod
PO Box 1024, Osterville, MA 02655

Working for a prominent local builder in human resources, business development and project management, Bob gained over a decade of experience in the construction industry. He has successfully overseen numerous time-sensitive, multi-million dollar projects serving as the liaison between luxury homebuilder and client, ensuring the fulfillment of the owner's expectations. Recognizing that the relationships built and service needed doesn't stop at the conclusion of a project, Bob decided to develop a premier property management company offering a complete array of services to ensure his clients' vast lifestyle needs are met.

Laurie Moore, Newport
PO Box 1051, Newport, RI 02840

Before forging this partnership, Laurie spent 20 years as President and owner of Moore Plants, an interior/exterior plant design and maintenance firm in Northampton, Massachusetts where she received accolades from her clients and the community for her container and tropical garden design. During 2007-2009 she was instrumental in the organization for green building awareness and remains connected to that community today. She is certified with the United Green Building Council as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

The Moore Family Legacy

The Moore Family legacy in real estate development and property management began with George Dwight Moore in 1883. After several years as the principal owner of Moore, Ayer & Company, flour and produce dealer at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA, George moved his family to Arlington, MA, where he purchased the Whittemore Farm near the Mystic River. At that time, George Dwight erected several greenhouses and produced premium quality vegetables for the Boston market. He was highly successful in this enterprise and invested his gains in real estate. During the late 1880ís and 1890ís George and his wife Lizzie Ellen Tufts (whose family donated the land on which Tufts

University now sits), purchased several pieces of property and built the Florence, Caldwell and Irvington Apartments, the latter of which still stands on Pleasant Street in Arlington. His son M. Ernest joined him in developing and managing several additional properties in Boston, Chelsea and Worcester.

When the concept of cooperative banking was introduced in 1889 as a means of encouraging home ownership, George embraced it enthusiastically and became founder of Arlington Cooperative Bank.

Decades later, the eleventh and twelfth generation of Moores remain tied to real estate and investments. Rick Moore, of Wickford, Rhode Island, great grandson of George Dwight, entered into the trust banking industry and wife Sue Moore is the president and founder of Moore Properties near Newport RI. Bob and Laurie Moore, great great grandchildren of George Dwight and Lizzie Ellen Tufts are principal owners and partners in the Moore Group, a luxury estate management company.

The Moore Group's mission is to provide superior property and project management services, acting as owner's representative and serving as a single point of contact to facilitate any maintenance requirement, construction project or special request.

The Moore Group serves Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Greater Newport, Rhode Island.